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Rich DiScalfani

"I've been a resident of Long Island since 1958. I found myself drawn to the scenery of Long Island and that became my primary photographic interest. Over the years, my work has been exhibited in local libraries throughout Suffolk County and on the cover of publications such as Boating World Magazine, along with Facebook Groups; Long Island Wildlife Photography & Long Island Birds. My primary interest is photographing Seascapes, Landscapes, and Wildlife."

Previous Photography by Rich


Sandra Bowman 

Artist, Hypnotist, Healer, Chef

I've always been an artist. I mainly gravitate towards crafts, I love color more than anything. In my works, I take note of color shape, form, and texture. I am mainly a watercolor artist. I like everything from ancient, to modern style. 


Previous works by Sandra

Bobbie & Bob Dalpiaz 

Earthenwood Artisans is a creative collaboration of Bobbie and Bob Dalpiaz. Bobbie, a retired art teacher and full-time potter, and Bob, a full-time musician and woodworker, combine their talents to create unique, handmade, functional artwork using Exotic Woods and High-fire Pottery. 

Previous work by Bobbie & Bob Dalpiaz

Joan Tavolott 

Island artist living in Holbrook. I paint and sketch often on location. My materials of choice include watercolors, pen and ink, collage, and mixed media. Recently I've been attracted to working with alcohol inks on tiles. I love the vibrant colors and unusual results that you get with the alcohol inks as well as their unpredictable nature. I also love to travel, paint, and sketch in new locations. 


Previous work by Joan

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